Development of The Study Plan, Who Participates?

Previously we observed that it is necessary to continually adapt the curriculum to respond to changes that are continuously verified in the needs of society. This section examines the second of the three major factors that influence the process of preparing or adapting a curriculum (page 8), that is, the subjects that make the decisions regarding the curriculum. The chapter will examine how the curriculum is elaborated traditionally, proceeding to reflect on those who usually make the decisions. This will help support the rationale for using participatory curriculum development (EPPE) approaches.

StudyInfluence Of The Curriculum

Curriculum editors must select. The selection of what should be included or excluded from a curriculum will depend on the actors involved in the process of preparing the plan. One group will consist of certain subjects and activities, while another will take into account another set of questions and activities. However, it is essential to determine who makes this selection. Who makes the decisions? Premium Graduate

Before, the “classic” elaboration of the curriculum tended to involve only small elite of planners who tried to spread their ideological opinions through the educational process. Recently, a different approach has been developed, in which students can participate in groups.

How A Curriculum Is Usually Developed?

Since the development of any new curriculum will depend on the ideology of the education or training of those who prepare the plan, the decision of who will participate or not in its preparation will be crucial to the nature of the project. It will be instrumental in examining how a curriculum is usually developed traditionally.

¬†At this stage, it is necessary to use the concepts of ‘internal’ and ‘external’ regarding the curriculum. In this context, we will define as ‘inmates’ those who are within the education or training program as executors of the curriculum – the administrators of the institution, the teachers, and the students. The ‘external’ are those who develop the curriculum for third parties to carry out – experts, academics, education administrators and planners, politicians, etc. In other words, all those who participated in the different stages of preparing the curriculum.